Total consulting on the utilization of old houses and vacant houses

For vacant house

  • Cleaning up and organizing the parents‘ house and ”Kura” warehouse

  • Registration to unoccupied house bank

  • Support migration and settlement

Site survey

  • Confirmation of facility location
  • Check the current layout
  • Preparation of current status map

Utilization proposal

  • Private lodging and accommodation business
  • Building renovation
  • Experience program
  • Support for workshop activities

Facility maintenance

  • Evaluation of building use

  • Building conservation, Landscape arrangement

  • Regular inspection of boilers and water heaters

  • Cleaning arrangement

  • Purchase of fule and consumables

Reception desk service for accommodation

  • Room key management
  • Guest check-in available
  • Review management

Sales management for accommodation

  • OTA account creation
  • Listing management
  • Share space registration
  • Adjustment of accommodation fee

Facility operation management

  • Create house rules
  • Counter service for hotel guests
  • Emergency response
  • Neighborhood consultation service

Originally, homes were created by ourselves, and were rebuilt and reconstructed according to the times, including their families and lifestyles.

At present, it may be a “vacant house for free”. We imagine and propose “future-oriented vacant house”.