Belief in activity

We propose the use of vacant houses mainly for the regeneration of old private houses and challenge regional revitalization and urban development.

Make Choices

I started this job when I left my hometown and moved to my parents’ home.
Then I had to find a  new job and a house. However, In the countryside, good homes and good jobs were reduced.

We want to increase the work and housing options and want to increase the number of immigrants from other the cities.

Promote Utilization

Population is concentrated in urban areas and depopulation is progressing, and unfortunately there are many “vacant houses” in the countryside.
Unmanaged, unoccupied “vacant homes” eventually rot and are discarded.
If these are incinerated, they will generate greenhouse gases and affect the global environment. It uses energy to dispose of still usable objects and promotes environmental destruction. There is no really good thing.

We propose utilization and continue activities that are “friendly to people who have vacant houses in the countryside,” “people who want to migrate,” and “global environment.”