with Local resident

Unmanaged vacant houses are increasing and becoming a “negative heritage”

Young people live in urban areas and do not return hometown

The total number of homes exceeds the total number of households due to population decline

The aging of the population is declining and the activities of residents’ associations are not sufficient.

for Traveler

Looking for a rural experience but is there a good tour

want to stay in a place different from hotels and inns

want to stay for a long time on a vacation

There are not enough accommodations for foreign visitors to Japan

Housing concerns

Paying maintenance fees to keep unoccupied parents home

Termite damage

Does the old house have sufficient seismic performance?

Is there sufficient living environment performance even in the summer heat wave and cold weather?

Space concerns

thinking of opening a housing accommodation business at a vacant pace

Want to open an accommodation or cafe in an old private house

Can’t find a good property suitable for migrants in the countryside

Can’t find candidate site for satellite office

Please tell us your worries!!